Hi! I've seen you reblog a show with characters called Benadick and Beatrice, and iäve tried finding it. What's show called? It looks special...

its a youtube adaption of shakespeare’s much ado about nothing called nothing much to do. the full playlist is here!

publishing this to convince more people to watch this wonderful webseries

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Anonymous said:
I have a question... do you ship Wessa or Essa more? ( I`m assuming you've read The Infernal Devices b/c your url is William Herondale)

(i’m assuming you were asking between wessa and jessa?? right??)

in that case definitely will and tessa. i did from the very beginning and once they stuck there really wasn’t any going back.

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for anon: i actually didn’t like Will in the first book, first time i read it. thought he was a cheap jace-fill-in. then clockwork prince happens. CLOCKWORK PRINCE.


but ya. clockwork prince man. 

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Anonymous said:
Hello, Angelina! It'll probably be a very awkward question, but I've been following you before I even knew the meaning of your url and now the thing is: I've started reading The Infernal Devices and, well, I guess Will Herondale is very loved in the fandom, but the thing is: I really don't feel this much love for him. And when I come to ask you WHY you love him, it's not bc I want to spread hate for him, I just rlly want to understand the reason of so many fans loving him.

hi! :)

well short answer is i can’t really explain all the reasons that i love will without spoiling things for you. i’m only speaking for myself now, but i honestly loved the idiot from the start with his first interaction with tessa *shrugs* couldn’t help myself tbh. but, i definitely understand why you might not like him if you’re just now starting the series. and i really don’t want to spoil anything for you so the most i’ll say for now is that will is a very complex character, throughout the three books you learn more and more about him and you get to see himself as a character change and grow. 

keep in mind that you’re just at the tip of the iceberg with will (and all the tid characters) and so much more happens. if when you do finish the series you want to know why i love will so much i’d gladly talk to you about him!

side-note: i also want to say don’t let the fandom change how you feel about him (or any character in any other fandom tbh). i’ve had people try and convince me to like various other characters from other series and for a time i felt pressured into liking them but after a while i just decided to make my own decisions on the characters. just because most of the fandom loves him (myself included) doesn’t mean that you should feel obligated at all to love him. :)

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Anonymous said:
Hey. After seeing how much you love it (because you have such good taste) I tried watching Nothing Much To Do, but after the video where you meet Leo, I just couldn't. I've met the actor a couple of times and he's just the biggest douche. It's a pity I'm sure I would've liked it otherwise.

i’m sad to hear that :(

if it makes a difference i think he’s only in like 4ish videos total out of the 60ish videos that are out already. and even then he’s hardly in any, he’s definitely not a main character. but i understand if you don’t want to watch.

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ah okay :/ still no reason for them to stick it in the showcase. i wish you luck in getting there before it closes!

they really should rethink it tbh but i don’t think they will…thank you! i have a friend who has a year pass for disney so i’ll prob drag her along with me

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EXACTLY! what the heck is a disney movie ride doing in epcot in the world showcase of all places??? it’s a world showcase and doesn’t frozen take place in denmark not norway anyway??? or was I mistaken

basically i’m going to make sure i get to ride the maelstrom ride once more before they get rid of it for good. (which means i need to buy tickets for disney and i basically less than a month but i’ll do it for that ride)

it was norway. 

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i’M ENRAGED OKAY that ride holds a lot of memories for me and tbh the ride should have gone to magic kingdom okay?? the world showcase isn’t about disney’s movies it’s about each of the cultures with a disney twist. this just doesn’t fit

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anon i’m answering your message under the cut as an extra precaution to not spoil anyone for outlander if they aren’t reading/haven’t read the book

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THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. Let that redhead ruin your life, that’s good, join the club!

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